"When real estate lenders compete, you win!"

US Flip Funding, LLC

Experienced Providers Of Real Estate Financing.

US Flip Funding is designed to connect Rehabbers and Developers with Asset Based Lenders. Our focus is to work closely with local lenders to ensure our borrowers receive the best rates and terms available.

At US Flip Funding, competition is the key word. Our goal is to assist our borrowers in finding the best and most profitable lender for their given project. In short, we help you package your rehab or development opportunity and put it in front of several potential lenders at once. They in turn compete for your business, driving down cost and delivering you better lending terms.

Our firm’s primary focus area is working with investors and delevopers in need of short term financing. Our lender network covers all 50 states and can lend on projects of any size.

What Types Of lenders Do We Work With?

Hard Money Lenders

Hard money lenders  are typically a company or small groups that lend money  based on the property you are buying, and not on your personal finance. These lenders can often provide financing within 10-14 days

Crowd Funding Platforms

With real estate crowdfunding,  investors can raise capital from a group of smaller investors in a secure and automated way online. The money is pooled together and provided for flipping purposes.

Private Money Lenders

Borrowing money from a private lender is very similar to borrowing money from a bank, except private money lending is easier and doesn’t have the stringent lending criteria that banks must follow.

The Benefits Of US Flip Funding:

We Save You Time & Money!

Real estate investing is tough enough without the hassle of shopping  for the best financing. At UFF we help remove that step and give you one stop for access to several lender offers.

We Fund In All 50 States

Our lender relationships extend to all 50 states. No matter where your next project takes place, we'll have several lenders competing for your business.

Our Services Are FREE!

As a client (borrower) you pay nothing for our services. We're paid a marketing and adminstrative fee by our group of lenders. It's one less thing for you to worry about.

What Our Clients Say:

"Each of my loans was closed much, much more quickly and efficiently than I could've ever anticipated."

Thomas Lynn, Sooner Contracting Inc.

"I’m incredibly grateful for all the patience and expertise devoted to my deals."

Willie Mandrell, The Boston Landlord

"Whenever I needed information or just wanted some reassurance during my loan, I was able to get answers."

Daniel Rubin, HR Venture

What Makes Us Different

At US Flip Funding, we understand that your rehab is important to you. We treat you and your investment with the respect you deserve. Our agents get to know you and your situation personally, so they can present the full picture to the lenders.

We are always available to answer your questions and address your concerns. Our goal is to take the burden of your flip fiancing off of your shoulders. We will review your deals and look at all available options to find the best solution for your individual situation. Our agents will always represent your best interests, regardless of location or loan size.

"When real estate lenders compete, you win!"
- Doug Medvetz, Founding Partner


Need to Talk to Us About Your Lending Needs?

We’re looking forward to discussing the loan options available to you. Your consultation will be confidential and you are under no obligation to retain our services. Our lenders are ready to find a solution that works for your particular deal. Please click the button below to schedule your consultation.